Shaping the neck

I am doing a fairly simple tank top, my first outing into actual clothing and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do at the shaping of the neck.
Here is what the pattern reads:
“Keeping in pattern, work 12 sts,[B] join new yarn and BO center 19 stitches[/B], work to end- 12 sts each side. Work each side separately.”

So here’s the question: Why am I joing a new yarn and am i cutting the old yarn? Or do I carry the new strand of yarn into the end 12 sts after the BO?

Any help is truly appreciated!:pray:


Yes you can cut off your yarn after the first 12 sts, I find it easier to work if i put the sts just worked onto a holder, then with the new yarn you Bind Off 19 sts then continuing with the new yarn work the remaining 12 sts and work that side of the neck first. When you’re finished you can put your sts back on the needle and felt together the yarn and just continue…
Does this make sense? Hope Ive helped in some way!

mscarmen: that makes sense, so I only do one side of the neck at a time, then go back rejoin my yarn and do the other side. Thanks so much! You’ve been a big help!

Don’t cut the first yarn; you’ll need it to make the one shoulder.

I am going to be doing this soon for the first time, too. I thought I would have a ball of yarn hanging off each shoulder…?? :oo: I’ve been worried about it.

I didn’t think about doing one shoulder at the time. That makes more sense.

Holamiis, sorry for hijacking your post.

Some patterns instruct you to do one side to the finish, then do the other side. Some say to do both at once; that way you’ll end up with the same number of rows on each side, but it can be more confusing that way too.