Shaping Sweater's Back Neck: Confusion

Hi there! I am a newbie trying out a sweater after having made a few scarves with no shaping or colour changes. So far so good, until I’ve hit the “Shape Back Neck” in the his 'N hers HOODIES, Campus Knits by Leisure Arts. The sweater is made with Wool Ease Thick 'n Quick and is working up nicely.

I’m almost finished the back of the sweater, which is some ribbing rows, then st stitch straight up until binding off for armholes (check), and then a bit of shaping neck at the top, which is where I’m running into trouble.

I [I]think[/I] I’ve got this first part right:

“[B]Shape Back Neck[/B]: Work across 15 sts, join 2nd ball of same colour, bind off 11 sts for back neck, work across remaining 15 sts.”

So now I have 15 loops on my needle, then a space with none, where a new ball of yarn comes into play, then 15 more loops on the needle. Does that sound right? Then this next part is where I get completely stuck:

“Bind off 3 sts at each neck edge once. AT SAME TIME, bind off at shoulder edge 6 sts once, then 6 sts once.” (I did not add those capitals, they are there in the pattern)

And this is the final instruction for the back. That’s the most confusing thing to me. Say I figure our where these stitches are to be bound off - it still seems like there are a number of them still on the needles that I am given no direction what to do with. Hmmm.

I would appreciate some help from anyone who understands my predicament. Thank-you!!!


‘At the same time’ means that you do different things on the neck and armhole edges of the row, but on the same row. So you have 2 strands of yarn, one for each shoulder. Then turn and work a ws row, Binding off 6 sts at the beg of the row, drop the one yarn at the bound off sts, pick up the other yarn and BO 3 sts and finish the row. Turn and BO 6 st at the beg of the RS row, work to the middle sts, drop that yarn, pick up the other and BO 3 sts on that neck edge and work to the end of the row. Turn to work the WS row, BO the last 6 sts, then BO the 6 sts on the other shoulder and you’re done.

You are like, my knitting fairy godmother. I read your directions 10 times trying to understand them, but could not. Then I decided to just do them, and WOW - that worked. You have a gift of understanding and explaining. Bless you Sue!!!

I try, sometimes my explanations can be confusing, especially if I leave out a word or three…

It really does help to [I]just do it![/I] with your yarn and needles; it’s often hard to visualize something in your head. When you’re there with the sts in front of you it’s easier to see what you need to do.