Shaping Sweater Neckline

I am working the left front of a sweater. The directions are: “Work to correspond to Right Front, reversing all shaping and eliminating buttonholes.” I am at the point where I need to begin shaping. The directions for the RF are: "Shape neck: BO at neck edge on RSR. . . and then gives the stitch countdown shaping the neckline to the shoulder stitches. So, to shape th Left Front, do I start the binding off on the wrong side row? (This sweater is made with the front, sides, and back all on the same needle. The shoulders are knitted together (another problem for later on). The sleeves are worked separately and then sewn on. ) Can anyone help me?

Yes, to reverse shaping, do the bind-offs on the wrong side row in this case. I generally think of a sweater having an armhole edge and neck edge. If I’m working on the correct edge for that side of the sweater, it makes it easier to make sure I’m doing it right than thinking about ‘wrong side’ and ‘right side.’

When you do the three-needle bind off on the shoulders you’ll love it. It makes the best shoulder seams!

Thanks for your help:)! I can go back to work now. I am glad to hear that the 3 needle bind-off is that good–I have never heard of it before. I’ll keep you posted.