Shaping shoulders

Hi everyone,

I’m just working on my first cardigan and am a bit confused by the shoulder shaping instructions. At one point in the pattern it says ‘cast off 3sts at beg of next row’, then ‘cast of remaining 3sts’. Does this mean that I literally cast off 3, then reattach the yarn to cast off the final 3? It won’t then be a straight edge…but I suppose it should have a bit of movement? It just seems odd to be cutting the yarn after 3, then reattaching for 3.

Thanks, any advice would be great!

I think it should say “bind off” three stitches at the beginning of the next row.

I would read it to mean you bind off the first three of your six remaining stitches (by knitting (or whatever keeps the pattern) the first and second stitch, passing the first stitch over the second one, knitting the third stitch and passing the second over it, knitting the fourth stitch and passing the third over it) and continue the pattern across the next two stitches. Turn the work and do the same with the last three stitches.

I hope this helps.

You shouldn’t need to cut the yarn after binding off the first 3 sts. Bind them off (or cast off), continue to end of row, then bind off the last 3 sts.

Ahh, thanks both that’s great, it makes sense now!