Shaping shoulders

How do I cast off 8 stitches at beg of next 4 rows, then 8 sts at beg of foll 2 rows? I am a beginner this is my very first sweater I’m knitting I am still learning how to read the patterns I don’t understand this, can anyone help me please?

Welcome to the forum!
Congratulations on getting up to the shoulders on your first sweater. Now bind off 8sts at the beginning of the row, work to the end of the row and turn as you usually would at the end of a row. Bind off 8sts at the beg of this row and work to the end of the row. Repeat these 2 rows twice more.
Post a photo when you finish. We love to see knitting projects.

Thank you I have done it! But I don’t know how to upload as I am using my phone sorry.

Well, great! I’m delighted that you got it to work. Well done.