Shaping shoulders

Hello, my pattern has 102 stitches and to shape shoulders it says work 8 rows dec. 1 st at each end of 1st and foll 4th row (80 stitches). If I do 8 rows this only decreases the work by 2 stitches in the 1st row and 2 stitches in the 5th row. I don’t get how I am supposed to be down to 80 stitches. Can you help please

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It’s an unusual decrease for shoulders, more like raglan sleeves? Can you give us the pattern name?

Can you quote the direction exactly just for this particular instruction, not a large portion of the pattern. We run into copyright problems if large portions of patterns are posted here.

Thank you…yes it does look like a raglan sleeve. Its Stylecraft 9193

It sounds like to me thst they want you to work 8 rows then to dec 1 st at each end of 1st and foll 4th rows

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I think I get it…I think it means decrease each end of the 1st and then every 4th row, not just for 8 rows but until I am down to 80 stitches. In fact I don’t know why they mention 8 rows at all?

Are you making the V-neck style or the round neck? I wonder if the directions are actually for the gradual slope of the V at the neck edge rather than the shoulder?

Its the round neck, shown in pink on the pattern and the beginning of the instruction is ‘Shaping Shoulders’.

Hmm, the only errata I see are for the Materials (9193 You Will Need: 1 pair 6 mm (UK 4 – USA 10) needles and 1 pair 5 mm (UK 6 – USA 8) needles. 5 Buttons for V Neck Cardigan. 7 Buttons for Round Neck Cardigan.)

If you decrease every 4th row, it’ll take 11decrease rows to get from 102 to 80sts at 2sts per decrease row. That would be ~40 rows and at the tension given for the pattern (23 rows/4 inches), about 7 inches. Does that make sense with the length that you have before these instructions and the overall length of the sweater? Maybe if there’s a schematic you can check with that.

Yes, Trisha, it may well be work 8rows and then decrease etc. But still the shoulder shaping seems so gradual to me. May just be something new?

Could be salmonmac we are expected sometimes to be a genius when it comes to reading the directions

Thank you for your advice, this is the first item I have knitted apart from scarves and hats so wasn’t sure if it was unusual. I decided to email Stylecraft and then I’ll be in touch and let you know the outcome. x

That’s a great idea. It is a paid pattern and they should support it. I’ll be interested to know what they say.