Shaping Shoulders for a sweater...I think?

Hello! So I’m making my first ever sweater with this pattern. I just got to this part:

Shape neck opening
Next row (RS): K31 (36, 40, 45, 49, 54, 59, 64), slip last 12 (14, 14, 16, 16, 18, 20, 22) sts worked onto stitch holder for centre neck, k19 (22, 26, 29, 33, 36, 39, 42).
Work right shoulder (as worn) sts only:
Row 1 (WS): Purl to last 3 sts before neck opening, p2tog, p1 – 18 (21, 25, 28, 32, 35, 38, 41) sts rem.
Row 2 (RS): K1, k2tog, knit to end of row – 17 (20, 24, 27, 31, 34, 37, 40) sts rem.
Rep last 2 rows 0 (0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3) times more – 17 (20, 22, 25, 27, 30, 33, 34) sts rem.

I’m completely lost! First of all, the first instruction that says to knit, place stitches onto a holder, and then knit the rest of the row confuses me. I just put stitch markers rather than putting them on a holder, because I didn’t understand how to knit around it when it was off of my needles, if that makes sense. Then, with the “work right shoulder as worn sts only”, i have no clue what that means. I worked up until the ‘p2tog, p1’, but then it just says 35 sts remain? and goes to row 2? Am I supposed to turn? the pattern doesn’t say so, so I’m just so lost. I tried looking up how to shape shoulders for a sweater, and i kept finding things for short rows, but all of those tutorials involve binding off, which isn’t what this pattern is telling me to do.
Please help! It will be much appreciated!! Thank you!

The reason for moving the stitches on the first part of the row to a holder is to get them out of the way until you need them. You’ll only be working with the right shoulder stitches for now. The “Work right shoulder (as worn) sts only” part means that this is the right shoulder when you’re wearing it. So, yes, you do turn after the p2tog, p1 and continue on those stitches only. Try just following the pattern and working the decreases as shown. It should work out. Later you’ll come back and put the held stitches back on your needle and work with them the make the left shoulder. HTH If not I’m sure salmonmac will explain it better.

Thank you! I think I got it all worked out, I suppose I was just overcomplicating things when I needed to do exactly what the pattern said haha! Thanks again!!