Shaping shoulders and back neck

Hello, it’s my first time at knitting a vest and I’m a complete noob at reading patterns (see link above). I’m at the stage of shaping the shoulders and back neck and I’m stuck. Can someone please help me with the following questions?

“Cast off 6 sts at beg of next 4 rows. 54 sts”

  • do I cast off 6 sts at the beginning and then rib to the end and repeat that another 3 times?

“Cast off 6 sts, k until there are 8 sts on the right needle, turn and complete this side first”

  • cast off 6 and knit 8 sts, this is a total of 13 sts? What does it mean by turn?

“Cast off 3 sts at beg (neck edge) of next row. Cast off rem 5 sts. With RS facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, cast off centre 26 sts and work to end of row. Work to match first side, reversing shaping”

  • what does this mean?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Good looking vest. Thanks for the link to the pattern.
1.Yes, cast off 6sts, rib to the end of the row and repeat 3 times more.
2.Cast off 6sts. This will leave one stitch on the right hand needle. Now knit 7 more sts for a total of 8sts on the right needle. Turn as you would at the end of a row and work back on the 8sts.
3.The first step on these sts is to cast off 3sts at the neck edge. Finish the row and then cast off the remaining 5sts, leave about a 6 inch tail and cut the yarn from the ball…
Now, with the RS facing attach the end of the yarn (again leaving about a 6 inch tail) and cast off the center 26sts, work to the end of the row. Then shape as for the first shoulder.

Thanks! It finally makes sense now :slight_smile:

for 3. Cast off 3 sts at beg (neck edge) of next row. Cast off rem 5 sts. There are only a total of 8 stitches on this side, so do I just cast off all in one go?

Cast off the 3sts at the neck edge, finish the row, turn and cast off 5sts.
Glad it’s making sense. If you run into another question, come back and we’ll all try to help.

Thanks a lot @salmonmac! I have finally finished the back and now on to the front. Will definitely come back if I have any more questions :grin:

I got distracted with baby projects and now I’m back to the vest again but I’m encountering problems with the pattern again! :frowning:

…Keeping rib centre panel and edges as set, work straight until front measures 45(46:47:48:49)cm from cast on edge, ending with a WS row.
Divide for neck
Next row Patt 30(33:36:39:42) sts, keeping ribbed armhole and neck edges correct, turn and leave rem sts on a holder and complete each side of neck separately. Next row Patt across sts as set.

Shape neck
Next row (RS) Patt to last 8 sts, k2tog
tbl, [p2, k1] twice. Cont to dec 1 st
at neck edge, 6 sts in from edge, on
every foll 4th(4th:4th:4th:3rd) row until 23(25:28:29:30) sts rem. Work straight until armhole matches Back to start of shoulder shaping, ending with RS facing for next row.

— how does it work when I start dividing for the neck that I start with a WS row, pattern then turn which should give me a RS row. Next row pattern therefore back to a WS row. But instead it say that I should be on RS when I shape the neck. I’m completely confused…

— I managed to decrease 1sts every 4th row at the neck but the neck edge ([p2 k1] twice) is the opposite to the original middle panel ([k2 p1] twice)

Am I doing something wrong? Help!!!

Just before the Divide for Neck instructions, you’re to end with a WS row. That means that the last row worked is a WS row so the next row will be a RS row. You should be working the left shoulder (as you wear the vest) here and it looks like you’re working on the right shoulder.
That’s why the neck pattern sts look reversed. Otherwise, vest looks great!

Makes perfect sense now, thanks!! :grinning:

Such great tips Salmonmac… Thanks for sharing the suggestions.

Almost there!

How do I knit the “back neckband”? :sweat_smile:

There are 6 rib sts on holders from the front right and left shoulders. You’re going to continue the rib from the right shoulder across the back neck and then graft to the rib sts from the left front. This will be a thin, 6 stitch wide strip that you’re knitting until it meets the left shoulder sts when slightly stretched. Graft the stitches together.
Because it’s an unusual rib, not just k1 p1, it might be easier to work a 3 needle bind off to join the sts. It’ll leave a seam on one side but that should match up with the shoulder seam anyway.
The thin strip will then be sewn down to the center back to attach it to the vest.