Shaping shoulder question

Hi all!
I am working on a mens cardigan, I am doing the left front and the shaping shoulder part says :
At arm edge bind off 8 (9-10) sts twice and 9 sts once
I presumded this meant bind off the 8 sts work to the end, then skip the next row as arm edge is last, then on next row bind of 8 sts again, leave next row, then next row bind off the 9 sts? DOes this make sense? I did this and it looks werid, like little steps on the shoulder. I don’t understand how this is supposed to seam together with the back shoulder as it just doesnt look right. Have got it completely wrong?

Yes, that’s correct. Most sweater patterns have you BO in steps, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable unless you’re using really chunky yarn. You can minimize the jagged look by slipping the first st instead of knitting, then knit the next and BO with the slipped st (sl 1, k1, psso). That helps to smooth it out a little.

It will step unless you do short rows or sloped BO. With sloped, don’t work last st of previous side. Turn to BO side, slip the unworked st and next one to right ndl, slip the unworked st. This is your first BO. Then do any add’l BOs needed for that row. Do this for each BO row. For SRs, there is vid help for ‘wrap and turn’.


But is this shoulder shaping still normal when the back shoulder shaping is pretty much completely straight? even if the steps were’nt so noticable it would be a very wonky looking shoulder.

Normally you’d work the same BOs for front and back. You’ve done that and they look completely different? You could undo the back BOs and redo to match the front if necessary…if you decide to do sloped or SRs on the front.

Not sure that helps.


well the back shaping shoulder instructions are:
Over next 2 right side rows dec 1 sts each end of needle, work 1 row then bo all sts.
So I have only dec 2 sts each side for the back, it looks very straight, then my left front looks like steps. Even if it was sloped it looks very weird.
Should I trust the pattern? Or adjust it before i do the right front?

I think that makes the back neck a little higher and fit better. I don’t think it will make a lot of difference once they’re seamed together.

sorry suzeeq, I’m not following, are you saying just following the pattern would be ok and not make much difference?

Probably so, or the designer would have put in more of a slope for the back.

I suppose I’ll seam it up and see whats it like on the body, it might look alright!
Thanks a lot everybody!!:muah::muah: