Shaping raglans

Hi there. I am confused about the shaping of a raglan pattern. I’m at the part where it says to CO 2 stitches and the beginning of the next two rows. I understand what to do I think, but doesn’t that give you a shape with one side longer than the other? Wouldn’t it be best to CO at the beginning and then decrease at the end of both rows? Or decrease at the beginning and the end of both rows? Hope I’m making sense. Thanks for you help.


I’m assuming CO means cast off (and not cast on) and that you’re knitting the sweater from the bottom up. Perhaps because it’s at the beginning of the armhole, the instructions want a bind off of 2sts and not a double decrease. The decreases will be offset by one row but it won’t be noticeable and the general look of the raglan with the two sides evenly slanting in towards the collar / \ will be started.

Does CO refer to cast on or cast off, and are you knitting this seamlessly or in pieces? It won’t be lopsided because you’re doing the same thing at both sides, even though one will be a row ‘longer’ that’s not a noticeable difference. A BO makes a flat dec like this ___ while a dec of 2 sts would be puckery like this /, so you want the bind off.