Shaping raglan help

Hi everyone I need some help in my first ever cable sweater…

I’ve now worked the relevant length and am ready to start shaping the raglans however that’s where I’m confused! In the instructions it says to continue pat and cast off 2 at beg of next 2 rows… does that mean that I just ignore the first 2 stitches in the pattern for that row? For example if the first 4 stitches were p1,k2, c4b I would instead bind off 2 and then do a k1, c4b? How does that work as I continue to go down the rows??

Hope that makes sense!!

Second question: once I’ve got to 140 stitches it then tells me to “k1, ssk, pat to last 3 stitches”…. Same question here, where in the pattern do I start?!

Pattern attached

You’ll have to account for the bound off or decreased sts as you work the pattern. You need to keep the pattern aligned so that the decreases don’t cause a jog in the overall pattern. The way to do this is to look at the pattern you’ve established in previous rows and determine which stitch comes next.
An alternative is to make a table and chart out precisely where to start the pattern but this is tedious and keeps you from actually knitting.

Yes, you’ll ignore the first 3sts in the pattern when you cast off 2sts. For your example, you would bind off 2sts with one stitch remaining on the right hand needle and the pattern picks up with the c4b. In this case you might work 4sts in stockinette in preference to a cable cross at the edge. I’ll add a tutorial at the end where Patty Lyons shows other ways of maintaining pattern at least for awhile.
The answer to your second question is essentially the same, you’ll need to read you knitting. That means working the k1, ssk, and then looking at the rows below to determine where to pick up in the pattern stitches.

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