Shaping raglan front neck

Confused on shaping front raglan neck. On P side, 21 sts, cont on last set of sts as foll-
Dec 1 st at armhole edge as before (i’m assuming P2tog then P) on every foll alt row. At same time dec 1 at at neck edge on the next 4 rows ( is this P and K rows? and then would also dec on K armhole to maintain pattern?), then every foll alt row until 13 st remain. Doing the math, it seems like you are dec way more than 9 st.

Can you please tell us the pattern name and provide a link if possible? Don’t post the pattern here due to copyright issues.

Round neck raglan sweater #5200 in Wendy Aran with wool. there is a web site I have not heard back from them myself. Thanks

To go from 21 to 13sts, dec at the armhole on the next 4 alternate rows. So that would be rows 1,3,5 and 7. Dec at the neck on the next 4 rows, so that’s rows 1,2,3 and 4. That’s 8sts decreased.
Yes, at the neck edge, decrease on knit and purl rows.

Would you not be decreasing at armhole side on knit side to continue the decreasing pattern though? That’s confusing to me b/c you would break the pattern.

However you want to number the rows is fine. You can certainly call the knit side the odd number rows so that the previous pattern continues.

Oooooh, i get it now. when shaping the armholes, i was shaping both sides R and L. Now i am only shaping 1 armhole. How simple that is. Thanks for all of your help with this. i appreciate it.

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