Shaping neck

Hi all. My first post. Not sure how to pose this ? But I’m grateful to have someone to ask. So here goes. Have shaped left side of neck, on front, now onto right hand side, which is a pearl side. Pattern says " With right side facing, join yarn to rem (24) sts, purl to last 5 sts, P2 tog tbl, P3…
First ?: with right side facing ? I think this would have to mean the right hand side of the neck that I’m going to work on, facing me ( pearl side) not the right side (knit) side facing me.
2nd ?: tbl is this through back loop

Welcome to the forum! Just to maKe sure I understand, your sweater is in stockinette stitch (the Vs face the outside of the sweater and the purl bumps face the inside)? And this is shaping the neck and not the armhole edge, correct?
If so then there’s an error in the pattern which should read, “with wrong side facing…”. These directions should also be similar to the directions to begin shaping the left side of the neck.
Yes, tbl is through the back loop.