Shaping neck

hi, Im knitting a baby cardigan for my niece and i can’t figure out the pattern for the neck:
BO 5 sts once, 4 sts once, the 1 sts 3 times…
Do I bind off 9 sts together or leave 1 between the 5 and 4 bind off?
can someone please explain…

Welcome to KH. Can you link to your pattern or tell us its name please? Probably you BO 5 sts on the next 2 rows then Bo 4 sts on the 2 rows following but I’m not certain. Knowing more about the pattern would help.

Thanks… I really appreciate your help.
here the pdf link:

Welcome to KH!
Sounds like one of the cardigan fronts? Bind off 5sts, work to the end of the row, turn, work the next row, then bind off 4sts at the beginning of the next row. You’ll always be binding off at the beginning of a row and always along the same edge, the neck edge.
Continue binding off one stitch at the same neck edge, every other row 3 times.

Thank you so much… yes the pattern is for the right front…
so i bind off every other row, always on the right side, is that correct?
that makes more sense. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Yes, you’ve got it. Love to see a photo of the finished cardigan if you’d like to post one.

will do… but i have exams coming so i might stop my project… but i will definitely post a pic as soon as I’m done