Shaping neck

Please can someone help. I am not sure want the pattern is asking me to do.

The directions are to work one shoulder while the center and second shoulder sts remain on a holder. You could leave these sts on the needle and ignore them for the moment. You’ll get to them later.
Begin by decreasing one stitch at the neck edge on the 4th row once for the first 2 sizes.

Which size are you making, the first, 2nd, 3rd…?

I am knitting the 1s size.

OK, decrease one stitch at the neck edge on rows 4,8, 12,16,20, and then 26,32,38 44 and 50.
Decrease at the armhole edge by binding off 4sts on row 8 and then decrease one stitch on rows 10,12,14,16,18,20 etc until row 50. That’ll be 29sts decreased and leave you with 3sts.

Thanks for your help. My first v neck tunic.


Love it! It’s gorgeous and so neatly worked at the neck. Enjoy wearing it.

Wow, it looks so neat, well done!