Shaping neck help

I’m working on Debbie Bliss’s Ballerina Top for Babies and working on one of the front pieces at the moment.
The pattern calls for k1, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k1
This basic pattern is repeated a few times (the amount of stitches knitted slowly increasing before decreasing again)

I’m wondering if the yf is worked like a yo and therefore making an increase? (or am I just understanding it wrong?)

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The pattern calls for k1, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k1

This looks to be a short row (aka ‘wrap and turn’). There’s a vid (Adv Tech) if you need help. The word ‘TURN’, in the middle of a row, indicates SRs. Where they’re done, and how many, dictates the shaping.

thanks for the help, I have tried it and it just doesn’t look right on the front side of the knitting…

The thing is, the pattern that I’ve put up there is the entire row.
There are two rows of that followed by two rows of k2, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k2
two rows of k3, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k3
two rows of k2, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k2
last two rows is back to k1, sl1, yf, turn, sl1, k1
the pattern continues wth k4, p rest of row. The first 4 sts are placed on a safty pin and set aside to be worked later as the collar.

I tried the wrap and turn which I just couldnt get looking right, then I tried the technique for yf explained in another debbie bliss book and ended up with something like 7 sts being worked and it looked like lace, I dont think that’s the look I’m after :roflhard:

Has anyone here done this pattern and has any help for a beginner like me?

Looked on Rav and quite a few ppl have made this. (Att pic is ‘tanyalouise’ project). Are the dir you posted for making the shawl portion of the collar? (SRs very common for the feature.) You’ve completed the body portion below the neck opening?

I looked on Rav too…
On the image you’ve posted, I’m about where the left edge is supposed to go diagonally (from our point of view). Roughly 15 rows up from the bottom “trim”.
From how I understand the pattern, I’m working the collar to start getting it diagonal?

I looked on Rav too…

I would recommend you contact one, or more, of the Rav members who’ve made the sweater given they’d have firsthand knowledge of the patt. Have you done that?

I didn’t know you could contact people on there. I hardly ever go on there as I am more comfortable with here.
That is a good idea though, I’ll do that in the morning :slight_smile:
Thank you

It’s a short row with YO. I think there’s a tutorial or two for it… search on nonaknits blog at typepad, I don’t have my links available. To contact people on Ravelry, search for the pattern and then click on the projects. Those will be the people who made it and you can pick a couple, click on the link to their project and you should find a way to send them a PM.