Shaping neck and sholders


I am knitting my first sweater and I have a confusing question regarding the binding off of the neck.

My pattern requires that I bind off the centre 12 sts. Working each side separately, bind off 3 sts at each neck edge once, 2 sts once, 1st every other row twice, then 1st every full 4th row once.

It’s the “1st every other row twice, then 1st every full 4th row once.” where I get confused.
Can anyone explain what the process is?

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If you call the first bind off of 3sts row 1, then bind off 2sts at the beginning of row 3, 1st at the beginning of row 5, 1stitch at the beginning of row 7 and one stitch at the beginning of row 11.

The pattern has a typo. It should read “…then 1st every foll 4th row once.” meaning every following 4th row only once.

What is the name of your pattern?

Hi Salmonmac.
Thank you for your help. I am working in a ridge pattern.
Rows 1 - 3: Work in stockinette.
Rows 4 - 6: Work in reverse stockinette.
I am trying to knit a pullover, I think I have been doing ok so far.

You are correct about the type, but that was a typo on my side.

Very nice pattern stitch. Remember to work the decreases on each side of the neck. You can either work these two shoulders at the same time with two balls of yarn or one shoulder at a time as you prefer.

Enjoy working your pullover! I hope it’s the first of many more.

Thank goodness you said something because I almost forgot that I needed to do each side separately. :innocent:
So far it is looking great. Once It’s finished I might do another one.
Thank you again for your help.

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