Shaping heel of a sock question

I am relatively new to knitting, and this is my first attempt at a sock… I’m very frustrated! I’ve read up on short rows, watched the video here, but the pattern has me confused. It says:

[I][SIZE=“2”]K15 (17, 19) sts for heel. Leave remaining sts unworked.
Work back and forth in short rows for heel shaping as follows:
Row 1 (WS): P14 (16, 18), SW next st, turn.
Row 2: K13 (15, 17) sts, SW next st, turn.
Row 3: P12 (14, 16), SW next st, turn.
Row 4: K11 (13, 15) sts, SW next st, turn.
Row 5: P10 (12, 14), SW next st, turn.
Continue to rep last 2 rows, having 1 st less before SW on each row, until 8 (9, 10) sts have been worked.
Next Row (RS): K8 (9, 10) sts, SW, turn.
Next Row: P9 (10, 11) sts, SW, turn.
Rep last 2 rows, adding 1 more st before SW on each row until 15 (17, 19) sts have been worked.[/SIZE][/I]

Now where I get confused is when it has me K13 then SW the next stitch; do I work that SW stitch first, then re-wrap it?

Also, the next row I P12, SW next st, turn, so then I’ve got the very first SW stitch unworked on the left needle, right before the one I’m SW. Is that what’s supposed to happen? From what I’m understanding, I’m going to have several of these unworked SW, is that correct?


I am assuming the SW stands for slip and wrap and that is what you do in a short row. You slip the stitch and then wrap it, turn and work the rest of the row. So, no, you do not work the stitch – you just slip it onto your needle. And yes, you will end up with several wrapped stitches on your needle.

There is a good video on this site here about making a heel with short rows. Scroll down to [I]Working the Heel of a Sock.[/I]

Hope this helps.