Shaping front neck and shoulders


Newbie here, knitting my first sweater, but I’m a bit lost on the front neck shaping. The instructions are here;

On next row knit 28 stitches. Turn.

Work one wrong side row.

Knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog, knit 1.

Work previous two rows until 25 stitches remain.

Work one wrong side row.

Cast off.

On the remaining stitches place middle 14 on a holder.

Knit across the remaining 28 stitches.

I’ve completed the short rows and cast off the first shoulder until I have one stitch remaining. Do I need to continue knitting onwards to place the middle 14 stitches on a holder (the cast off is now quite a few rows taller than the neck so does that just join the shoulder and neck?) or do I need to cut the yarn and then add it again the continue on with the centre and other shoulder?

Thanks very much in advance!

(I’m sure it’s common sense but don’t want to risk making a mistake so far into the project!)

Welcome to KH and to knitting!
You can cuemphasized textt the yarn leaving about a 6"tail and pull the tail through the last stitch.

Then you’ll place the center sts on a holder and attach a new end to work the second shoulder.
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Thank you very much!

I thought that makes the most sense but didn’t want to get scissor-happy and end up in a pickle!

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