Shaping-Crochet Baby Sweater

Pattern reads:

Now shape right front as follows:

Row 1:

Work a shell in each of next 7 shells, sk next dc of same shell (where last shell was just worked, dc in next dc, leave rem sts unworked = 7 shells, ch 3 turn

Is this a double crochet decrease? Do I just work seven shells ch 3 turn and start next row

Row 2:

Shell in each shell across, ending dc in top of ch 3. Ch 3 turn:woot:

From my understanding of what you have written here and from working shell pattern stitches in garments, you do not decrease by double decreases.

So you should do 7 shells [B]+ 1 dc in next dc[/B] (not sure if this dc is part of [I]next[/I] shell or not). THEN you turn your work and ch 3. And it looks like row 2 is the same thing, 7 shells + 1 dc in top of ch 3.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help I will try this. Again thank you.