Shaping armholes

Hi. I’ve recently started knitting, and have begun to knit a cardigan. I’m really confused by the instructions for the front side to shape the armhole.

The pattern reads “cast off 3 sts at the beginning of next row” - which is fairly obvious. The next instruction is to “dec 1st at the beginning of 5 following alternate rows”

Do I start to decrease immediately after the row where I cast off 3 or do I knit a row first so that all dec and casting off is from the same end?

Sorry of it’s a bit obvious!!!

I personally would begin decreasing at the alternate rows from the one just completed meaning that i would work the next row normally and stsrt the next dec with the following row. Therefore if you say the row that you did the co3 as row 1 you would do decreases on row 3,5,7,9 and 11.

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Skip a row so that all the decreases are at the same edge, the armhole edge. That way, you’ll be on alternate rows as well.

Which pattern are you using?

Thank you - it makes sense, but apart from a few squares when I was a child I’m a complete novice!!!

It’s from a book called Essential Knits.