Shaping Armholes Pattern

Hello, I’ve been knitting for about 5 months and I’m trying to knit my first cardigan. I’m just having a hard time understanding how to read the pattern for shaping the armholes. I need someone to simplify it for me a bit. I’ve attached an uploaded image of the pattern.
Thank you for the help in advance.

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It’s nice to start these decreases with the right side or public side of the work facing you.
For the smallest size, bind off 3sts at the beginning of the row, work to the end of the row, turn and bind off 3sts at the beginning of the next row then work to the end of row (call these rows 1 & 2). Repeat this binding off 2sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows (rows 3 & 4).
One way to work the decreases of one stitch is to knit one, ssk (slip, slip, knit 2together through the back loop), work to 3sts from the end, k2tog, k1 (row 5). Repeat this on rows 7 & 9.

Congratulations on completing the pattern thus far. That’s exciting.

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Okay, so I would work the 4 rows and then on the 5th row would I just do the decrease? And then pick back up on the 6th row with the bind off 3 for 2 rows and then bind off 2 for 2 rows and just keep going until the arm hole reaches 8 inches?

No, only work the 4 rows of bind offs once.
row 1 bind off 3sts
row 2 bind off 3sts
row 3 bind off 2sts
row 4 bind off 2sts
row 5 dec one at each end
row 7 dec one at each end
row 9 dec one at each end
That’s it for shaping the armhole. “Work even” means continue for the given length with no increases or decreases.

Thank you so much for your help! I’m now on my left front and almost finished! I’m super proud of my first sweater so far.

Yay, that’s wonderful to hear! We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

Right when I got super confident about knowing 1what I’m doing, I got confused. I’m just confused on shaping the shoulder. Do I do 3 rows of bind offs on one side? What does the 0 stitches mean though?

Bind off at the beginning of the next three RS rows. When there is a 0 for your size, skip that step` .

I’m having difficulty figuring out the rest of my pattern. Could you please help me!?!

What part of the pattern is causing the problem? Is it the sleeves?