Shaping armholes, neck holes.. and turning?

Hi Everyone!
I’m working on a cute baby slipover. Its my first garment ever!! However I’m really confused over the instructions on shaping the neck and arms. Like what does it mean to " ‘turn’ and work this side first ". then to ‘rejoin yarn to rem sts’…???
I know turning has something to do with short rows, which is another story, and i still dont understand that concept. But i’m hoping you can help me! please!
Thanks a lot! :muah:

It may not be short rows. It could just be that you’re going to work one side at a time–you’d complete one shoulder and when that’s done, join the yarn to the other side and complete that shoulder.

thanks, but how do i join the yarn to the other side? after casting off the shoulder do i then literaly snip the wool and continue the other side. Is it at all possible to work both sides at the same time??
Thank you again! :muah:

If you work one side at a time, you’d cut your yarn about 6 inches long and weave in the end. Then you’d use that ball to work the other side–just start knitting and weave in that end later, too.

If you want to work both sides at the same time, you’ll need a strand for both so you can keep them separated.