Shaping armhole instructions unclear

Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum and I would like your help on understand the instruction in a pattern I’m working on.
I have got to shaping the armhole but I can’t get it right.

Here is the description :
Keeping armhole edge straight, K2tog. On every following 4th row from previous dec. until 16 sts. remain. Continue working without further shaping until the armhole measures 21.5 cm finishing at armhole edge.

I just can’t get my head around the « on every fillowing 4th row ! Because when I decrease at row 4, it’s a long way before I have 16 stitches and the armhole measures more than 21.5 cm !

So confusing

Thanks for your help and clarification in advance


Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern and the designer?
So you’re decreasing on rows 4,8,12,16, etc?
What is your stitch and row gauge and what are the pattern gauges?
How many sts do you have before the decreases begin?

Hello ,

Thanks for your reply.
So the pattern is called Ladies Wraparound Sweater that I bought from Etsy.
The stitch is Garter stch Not sure what row and pattern gauge is :confused:
But I have 29 stitches before the decrease.

Thanks again !

Ok, thanks for the information. I couldn’t find the pattern but here’s a link to a Ravelry pattern as an example.

On the first page it tells you that you should get 17sts/4" (stitch gauge) and 23rows/4" (row gauge). If you want to make sure that a sweater fits as you’d like, you would knit a small swatch or sample in the stitch pattern recommended, in this case stockinette stitch (st st).

If you need to go from 29sts to 16sts by decreasing one stitch every 4 rows that’s about 52 rows. You can convert that to inches by measuring the number of rows in 4 inches on a part of the sweater that you’ve already knit.
If it looks like you’ll get to 21.5 cm before you’ve worked all the decreases, you can decrease more frequently than every 4 rows.

Here’s some more information on gauge.

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Oh wow thanks a lot for the explanations !
This helps a lot
I will try to measure each row (in cm) I’m French :slight_smile: and then calculate number of rows till I have 21.5 cm for the armhole. This sums up to 43 rows.
I’m gonna go with that and see how it all ends up

Thanks again !


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