Shaping Armhole Help

Hi! I am working on the Alexis sweater.

I have never knitted a sweater before and have some questions. Would you be willing to take the time and answer my questions? I would greatly appreciate it.

I have knitted the back and am starting to shape the armhole. It says: cast off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows (makes sense). 74 sts (this is where I am confused–what do I do with those 74 stitches? Continue the pattern where I left off before I started the armhole?).

Then it says Next Row RS: P2, ssk, patt to last 4 sts, ktog, p2. 72 sts (does this mean continue the actual pattern we used for the back or to continually P2, ssk until last 4 stitches?

Thank you so very much for your time!

Hi and welcome!
Yes, after you bind off the 4 sts x 2 you’ll have 74sts left. Continue the pattern you have been working but work the decreases at the beginning and end of the row (2sts decreased per row). The main pattern for this part will still be the pattern you have been working. Even when you bind off the 4sts on 2 rows, you’ll still work the pattern sts across those rows.

Thank you so much! I’ve got another question and I swear I will have the technique down.

I am now at the section that says shape right neck.
Next row: Patt 19 sts, turn. Place rem sts on hold.

Do I knit those 19 sts then switch the rest of the stitches to another needle? Because then it says:

Next row (ws): P1…(is this row made up of the last 19 stitches I did?)


Next row (rs): Patt to last 3 sts…

Shape right shoulder
Next row (ws): Patt 10 sts, w&t. (Are these stitches from the 19 I did for the neck or the rest of the stitches left over?

As you can tell, I am confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

You seem to be doing very well so far.
All of these instructions are for the original 19sts that you worked. The other 19+28sts are on a holder for the left shoulder and the center neck sts. You won’t get to those sts until you finish the directions for the right shoulder and are ready to start the directions for the left neck.

You are too kind! I made it down to the Shape the Right Shoulder section and now I’m more confused because it starts out with 10 sts instead of the 17 I had from the previous section. Is there any way you could help explain this? Thanks again!!

Great! Seventeen sts are correct. The shoulder is worked by short rows. You won’t be knitting the complete row, only 10sts then turning. In order to prevent a hole where you turn, you’ll do a wrap & turn (w&t). The pattern explains one way to do this on the next page in the pink box (Special Instructions).