Shaping aRaglan Armhole


I have 20 stitches, and the Pattern is asking me to dec 1 st at raglan armhole edge of next and 5 foll 4th rows, Leaving me with 10 stitches, so confused, can anyone explain please :blush:


Hi Marjorie, you decrease in the next row, call this row 1, you decrease again in rows 5,9,13,17 & 21 where you should have 14 sts left on your needle (20 - 6)
Is there another set of directions for further decreases following what is shown in the photo you posted or, as you are working the Left Front, are you meant to be decreasing on the neck side at the same time as the raglan side!!?!!
I cannot see where it says you should have 10 sts left after the raglan decreases !! :thinking:


No, It stops there !! Says that I should have 10 stitches left but I have 14 left :cry: have posted the carry on instructions for you to see. Thanks



That cannot be correct, there must be a pattern error!
In your second photo, after ‘Break yarn.’ where is it asking you to rejoin your yarn to? Is it to the same piece, the left front? I cannot quite see the following line.
What is the name of your pattern?
Is this a paid for pattern, can you contact them for support?
This must be so frustrating for you!!


I agree. The second page posted doesn’t appear to follow the first.


I know, tearing my hair out here… last lines on page one say …
“ Shape Raglan Armhole “
Cast off 3 stitches at beginning of next row.
Leaving me with 20 stitches (correct, I have 20 stitches)
Work 1 row (done that, still 20 stitches)
This is the tricky part …
Dec 1 st at raglan armhole edge of next and 5 foll 4th rows, leaving 10 stitches.
Maybe this knitting malarkey isn’t for me , have undone so many times :cry:


There must be a mistake on the pattern :woozy_face:


What does the “other” side say? Is it the same? Or is that stitch count “correct?” If they both say 10 sts remain, then I agree, there is an error. Have you tried Googling errata for this pattern? Do the extra few sts matter in the end?