Shaping a shoulder question

Ok, I’m a big dummy and probably reading the instruction too hard but here goes…

…work even until armhole measures 4.25 inch end with RS facing for the next row.
Bind off 13 sts at beg of next row.
Break off yarn and leave rem 13 sts on a holder.
With RS facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts, K to end.

[COLOR=Red]The question is this … am I binding off the 13 sts on the RS (knit side) or WS (perl side)? If I am binding off on the RS then why would I break the yarn off and then rejoin again to continue knitting on the RS. For that matter why would I put sts on a holder. Wouldn’t I just find off 13, continue knitting remaining 13 sts and then follow remaining instructions which say…[/COLOR]

P to last 2 sts, K2


Thanks for all the help - I love this site.


Good question! I am confused too.

How many stitches are on that row? If it’s only 26- I can see why you are confused. If there are more, then it makes sense to break the yarn & rejoin on the other side of the stitches sitting on the holder.

ETA If there are only 26 stitches- the instructions say you are on the right side, then you stay on the right side to rejoin the yarn. If there are only 26- why wouldn’t you do the same thing you suggested? Bizarre.

What are you making?

Thanks for the support…

The row was 52 sts across. But then I was asked to “divide for the back opening”. “K26 and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder. Work each side of the neck separately.”

So to answer your question, yes, the side I am working on only has 26 sts. The other 26 are waiting patiently on a holder already.

I am making a sweater for a toddler. I am working on the back and the back has a small opening at the neck (which is why the neck is split into two sections).

It’s the PICOT EDGED SWEATER in the Baby Knits book by Lois Daykin. In case anyone has this book laying around.


Last question - why do instructions say “break off” yarn. Does that mean the same thing as just simply cutting it off? Am I thinking too hard again? I do that.

“break off” yarn. Does that mean the same thing as just simply cutting it off? Am I thinking too hard again? I do that.

‘Break’ and ‘cut’ = same thing.

If you have 52…26 on each side…the patt has you working each shoulder separately (thus, 26 on a holder). BO the 13 on the one shoulder so you achieve a bit of a slope:


Then you’ll do the same on the other shoulder but BO on the WS.