Shaping a heel for a doll leg

Hello, I have not knit a sock yet and am a little confused by these instructions. I am knitting a doll and these are the instructions for the heel of the leg/foot. I have knit from the top of the leg down. There are 18 st. right now between 4 double pointed needles.

to shape heel,
work six rows even over the 9 stitches on needles 1 and 4. To turn heel work 5 in patt (stockinette stitch), 1 slip dec, turn. *Slip 1st st. purlwise, P1, P2 tog., turn. Slip 1st. purlwise, K1, 1 slip dec. Rep from * until all side sts. have been use up.
Cont in rounds, picking up 4 sts. along each side edge heel =20 sts.

I have looked at the sock video from this site.

Okay, so I knit the 9 st evenly and then the decreases, is this where on the video she k2 tog and p2tog, but for this pattern I am doing a slip dec? also when it says until all the side st have been used up, is that where the video says she used/swallowed up all the extra st. on the ends of the needle?

Okay it sounds like a foreign language to me. I am knitting in the round with specific number of stitches on each of the 4 double pointed needles. do I knit the st on needle 1 patt, then do the first 5 on needle 2 in pattern, then do a slip dec on stitch 6 on needle 2?

omit the last paragraph of my email, that was my initial thoughts and confusion.

What you are doing is knitting only one part of the leg/ankle so that it looks like a heel
you will not be knitting the whole row, just some, and some more, then some more
it makes sense
trust it