Shaping a Circular Sweater

I’ve started my first sweater, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Seamless Hybrid from “Knitting Without Tears.” The body is knit on circular needles, and I’m wondering if anyone has some advice about how to shape the waist? Thanks!

You could decrease on each side of the beginning of the round, and mark halfway around and decrease there, too. I’m not sure how much you want to go, though.

Do you think I would get a weird spiral effect? (I know it wouldn’t be very obvious, but I think knowing it did that would be annoying). I’m only wanting to decrease the circumference of the sweater by two inches around the waist.

I don’t think you’d get spiral–that never occurred to me. I think if you keep the decreases even on both sides, you should be fine.

As Ingrid says, decrease at the beginning of the round and halfway around - where the `seams’ would be. I don’t think it would spiral at all, why would it?


I’m hoping to start this sweater soon too, but I’m worried about the way the pattern is written because of the sort of prose style and my short attention span. Does anyone know of a place where this is written out more like step-by-step instructions?


Many times, we are more critical of our work because we do the actual construction. Things that you may notice quite often go completely unnoticed by others. Sounds like shaping the waist may be like that.

Right after I posted this came into my inbox and might help: