Shapin neck and shoulders for jumper


I need help understanding my knitting instructions for a jumper I am trying to knit. I am up to shaping the neck and shoulders and don’t understand the instructions. I have attached a photo of the instructions. Previously the pattern for the right side was P3, K1 purl to last 4 sts, K1, P3 and the pattern for the wrong side was K3, P1, knit to last 4 sts, P1, K3
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


What is the name of the pattern? What size are you making?
For the left side of the neck (that’s the left side as you would wear the sweater), you’re only going to work with some of the sts, e.g. 20 sts for the smallest size. You want the pattern established in the previous rows to continue without a jog due to the decreases. The best way to do this is to look at the previous rows and make sure that the patterns of knits or purls is maintained.


It’s the Hampton lady’s turtle neck sweater. I’m making a medium size.

So I do 22 stitches in the pattern of P3 K1, purl until the end and then when I turn the work do I continue the pattern for the RS or switch to the pattern for the WS?
And then once I finish that row do I do 22 stitches again to make another row and decrease a stitch at the end then turn the work and do another 22 stitches. And I repeat that 3 times? So then I would have created four rows (including the original row when I didn’t decrease a stitch) and decreased three stitches in three of those rows.


Work in pattern for 22sts then turn before the end of the row. Work back on the same 22sts, now on the WS. Of course, remember to dec at the neck edge for 3 rows.
The sts that were unworked when you made the turn will just hang out while you work one side of the neck. You’ll get to them later.