Shaped short row cowling, finishing instructions unclear

Hi, new here. Beginner knitter with ambitions above my station! I’m 3 rows away from finishing this pattern and I’ve reached a point in the instructions I can’t work out.
I’ve been working on a stockingette sleeveless cowl neck top. The neckline has short rows in the centre to shape the cowl draping and I have done these until (as per instructions) there are 12 unwrapped stitches at each end for the shoulders. Now the instructions say purl one row, knit one row, bind off. My needle is on the short rows still - how do I bring the yarn and needle past the 12 unwrapped shoulder stitches without knitting them to be able to start the purl row?

If you’ve turned after the last short row turn, continue that row to the end of all the sts. If you’re on a purl row, purl to the end, if a knit row, knit to the end. You can just continue from where you are to the end of row. No need to drag the yarn across sts to the very beginning of a row.
Work the following row across all the sts.
Good to be adventurous and short rows certainly are an adventure.

Thank you so much! I’m so scared of messing this up I left the top alone and knitted a quick simple sweater to cheer myself up! So pleased to be able to get back to the top!

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