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Hi i’m having a problem keeping the pattern correct.I’m knitting a matinee jacket for my 1st grand child and it a 12 row pattern.On 27th row i start to inc 1 stitch at each end K2 p3 [k3 p3]2 times k5 [p3 k3]2 times p3 k2.Whwn i cast the stitch on do i k1 or p1 increase have to increase 1 stitch each end every following alternative row.The pattern is King Cole 2767.Any help is much appreciated,have started this and ripped it and restarted it.Thanks

This pattern has chevrons of knits and purls going up the sweater and up the sleeves. When you increase, no matter which row of the pattern, you want to maintain that progression. Look at the pattern of sts on your needles and incorporate the increases whether knits or purls.
In these cases, I usually increase by adding a knit st no matter what and then on the next row, fit the increase into the pattern. The edge sts will probably become part of the seam anyway.
Very sweet jacket!

Yep, it’s easier to leave the very edge stitch in stockinette and do the incs just inside them. On the following rows ignore the edge sts and work the new sts into the pattern.

keeping pattern correct & working inc sts into patt,inc 1st st at each end of next & every following alt row to 45 stitches,then increase 1st at each end of next 2 rows 49 stitches.Cast on 17 stitches at each end of next row 83 stitches,am gonna be all mixed up can you please help.Thanks Mary

So the increases are on the next row and then every other row at [I]each[/I] end. Then you increase at each end on the next 2 rows. After that, cast on 17sts. Do that by holding the needle with the sts in your left hand and doing a knit or cable cast on of 17 sts, work the pattern across those sts and then across the rest of the row. Turn the piece and take the needle again in the left hand, cast on 17sts and again work across those sts and on across the row.
If you need to see a video for the cast on, check out the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Cast Ons.
As far as keeping the pattern, I would look at the sts on the needle and then “back up” the pattern so that your cast on and your sts on the needle will mesh and continue the pattern.

Have knit to the 26 row and left stitches on needle,have started to knit the hat,just can’t seem to get my head around this pattern at all and its the matinee jacket my daughter in law likes.i have done another 1 but it gave me all the increases in pattern would be much simpler if all the patterns would do this

It would be simpler but the pattern would have to tell you which row to increase on rather than tell you to increase after so many inches. In order to give you that leeway, they just say to “increase in pattern”. It’s scary at first but if you count back on the pattern sts, p3, k3 or whatever the instructions tell you, you’ll figure out where to start the pattern on the increase rows…

I would just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Salmonmac who helped me from start to finish to get this wee matinee coat knitted.I have renamed it the Mary Anne Matinee jacket xxxx

You are most welcome. It was my pleasure.

Congrats on getting this finished. We’d love to see a picture of it if you can post one in the Whatcha’ Knittin’ section!

will try and get picture of all my wee knitted baby things if i can get someone to show me how lol

Do you mean to take the picture or to post it on KH? If it’s the latter, you can get the low-down here: