Shape shoulders?

Hi there – I am working on a baby sweater and I am just finishing the back. The instructions say to “cast off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows, then cast off 9 stitches at the beginning of the following 2 rows. Leave remaining 37 stitches on a holder.”

My question is: Do I finish knitting up the last row after binding off the last 9 stitches, to end on a WS?



Yes, bind off the beginning stitches, then knit to the end of the row.


Thanks so much for the help! Now that I have done that, though, I have one more question (I hope you don’t mind!)–

When I finish the front side, the pattern says to join the right shoulder seam, then begin working on the neck band. I am supposed to “k up 11 sts down front neck, k centre front neck,” – and continue picking up the stitches so that I can work on the high neckband.

My question is, now that I have completed the row on the back, what do I do with the ball of yarn and that last stitch (which is loose, as if I could turn it to the right side and begin knitting again). DO I tie it? Cut the yarn? Use it to sew the right shoulder seam?

Thank you! I appreciate it so much!!


Yes, cut the yarn, leave about 3-4" for weaving in or you can leave enough to sew the shoulder seam, then pull the tail through so it secures the last stitch.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile: