Shape shoulders and back neck

Hi this is the pattern I’m reading

Rs, cast of 5 sts k until there are 8 sts on right needle, turn and leave rem sts on a holder.

Next row cast off 3 sts, p to end
Cast off rem 5 sts

With rs facing rejoin yarn to rem sts cast off centre 15 sts
K to end

Complete to mate first side reversing

Any advise would be appreciated just getting myself in a muddle

You’re going to bind off 5 sts, knit until you have 8 sts remaining and put them on a holder. You’ll now turn your work and bind off 3 sts, purl to the end. You should have 5 sts left to bind off now, which is what you want to do.

Now you will work with the sts on the holder. If you can knit directly from whatever you used to hold them, do so or move them back to the needle. Make sure you have the RS facing you, attach your yarn and cast off the 1st 15 sts (they’re in the center of the piece) and knit to the end. You’ll then turn again and bind off 5 sts, purl to the end. Turn, bind off 3 sts. You should be done.

I hope I got that all right, if not someone will correct it for you.

Thank you for your help I was thinking it was the other way around

You’re right, she’s not…

BO 5 sts, knit until there are 8 sts [B][I]on the R needle[/I][/B] then put the rest of them on a holder. Turn and BO 3 sts, and finish the row, then turn and BO the last 5 sts.

Thank you I thought that was the correct way just finished it off :slight_smile: