Shape Shoulder question

OK - so I’m having difficulty getting my head around an instruction on page two of this lovely pattern (I’ve attached both pages to make it easier to comprehend for all).

On page two, under the heading SHAPING SHOULDER (near the top of the second page).

I’m guess it means to do 4 rows (of 5 x 1 rib) with the 2nd and 4th rows taking a cast off of 8 sts.

Am I reading this correctly?

Jayzuz I’m thick … :aww:


Yes, if you call the next row, row 2, bind off 9sts, work row 3, bind off 9sts on row 4, work row 5 and bind off the final 8sts on row 6.
Sounds like you’re close to finishing another sweater. There’s no stopping you! I’m looking forward to seeing this one too.
(Probably best if you delete page one from your post so we don’t run into copyright problems. The directions are fine from page 2.)

Thanks - and will do.

Couldn’t work out how to delete page one … sorry, I tried!

When you sew this together, the proper order will be: Sew front to back at two shoulder seams, collar (if any), sleeves into armholes, sew seam from sleeve cuff up arm and down the sides to the hem. The instructions don’t always tell you this. Years of experience sewing all my kids’ clothes when they were little.

If the problem is that you’ve posted too much pattern, you’ve gotten the help for that part so you could just remove your attachment. If you need to reference it again then you could upload just the part you need to.

I don’t think you’re thick, as you claimed above, but I do understand the feeling. Sometimes we just need to know before we invest the time and effort that we’re doing it right.