Shape neck

I am upto "shape neck on a jumper
and it say to k 23 turn. working on thhese 23 sts only proceed as follows *work 8 ros, dec 1 st at neck edge every alt row, 19sts
my question is what is the best ay to decrease ?? do i knit2 together at tthe adge of the neck ???please help me :slight_smile:
Thank yuo

You can k2tog on the knit rows, p2tog on the purl rows. That’s when the neck edge is at the ‘end’ of the shoulder row. If it’s at the beginning of the row as it will be on the other shoulder, it might look better to ssk instead.

hat is ssk ? and could i do that on both sides or does k2tog look better on the left side?

That’s a left leaning decrease, the same as sl 1, k1, psso, only done a little differently. Look at the videos on the Decreases page.

Generally it’s done at the beginning of a row to make the dec lean inward toward the middle of a section. But it can also be done at the end and make the dec lean toward the edge, and you’d do a k2tog on the other end.