Shape Neck, pattern issue

Hello, I am knitting a vest, but I am confused about the shape neck instruction, so far I have knitting the front and shape the armholes. and at the moment I have 56 stiches, then the instruction are as followed : image
I made a sample with ignoring Patt 41 sts but not happy with it… what does that Patt 41 sts mean ? Thanks for any help it would be much appreciated.

Patt 41 means to work across 41 sts in whatever pattern you have been knitting on previous rows. The pattern stitch should continue for these instructions.
Can you give us a pattern name?

Hello, thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated. The pattern I have been doing to start project is :Rib row 1 : P1,[k1,p1] to end, Rib row 2 :K1, [p1,k1] to end then st st. The last row I have done before shape neck part is : [P1,k1] 3 times, p to last 6 sts,[k1,p1] 3 times. I am confused by the number 41 as I have 56 sts, which make sense 15 + 15 for neck sides and 26 on stitch holder in the center. If I work only on 41 sts what about the 15 ? Thanks.

You’re going to work one side of the neck first. Fifteen of the 41sts are for that first side. The remaining 26 are for the center holder. The 15sts unworked are for the second shoulder. So you’ll have a distribution of 15-26-15 for the 56sts.
You can put the unworked 15 sts on a holder or leave them on the needle if you wish. Just let them hang out until later in the pattern (With RS facing rejoin yarn…). The center 26sts will also sit on a holder for later.

Thanks, so I need to a do row with 41 sts, then put the 26 centre ones I just done on the st holder ? Also the patt 41 sts they refer to is the first patt : the rib one or the patt of the last row ? Thanks again for your help and support.

Yes, work across 41 sts. The yarn will be coming off the last of the 41sts. Slip the last 26 to a holder for the center and then continue on the last 15sts
If you’ve been working the body of the vest mainly in stockinette then that is the pattern referred to. You can check a photo of the vest to be sure.
What is the name of the pattern? Can you give us a link or the source (a book or magazine or website)?

Great, thanks I will give it a go. Here is a photo of the vest, image it is from hobbycraft number 0105 and here is a photo of where I am at : image Thanks again for your help, I am still a beginner at knitting and any support is much appreciated.

Looks really good! Very nice, even stitches.
Yes, mostly stockinette except for the rib border at the armhole.

Thanks for the encouragement ! Have a lovely weekend, will be in touch if any more issues !