Shape Neck instructions

Hello everyone, I survived shaping the armhole (thanks to you!). Now I am shaping the neck.

Here are the instructions:

K 24 sts, bind off 10 sts, k to end. Working both sides at once, bind off 3 sts each neck edge once, then 2 sts each neck edge 2 times, the bind off 1 st each neck edge 2 times.

I am mostly confused with “working both sides at once” - what does that mean???

It means that you’ll have to attach a strand of yarn to the first shoulder.

Then you’ll complete the two sides at once, rather than completing one side and then the other.

So on the first row, you’ll purl across one side, then with it’s own strand, you’ll bind off three stitches at the neck edge of the other side and finish the row. You’ll then knit across the side you’re on and bind off the beginning stitches on the other side. Clear? You can’t bind off at the end of the row, so you’ll have to do your bind offs when the neck edge is at the point of your needle.

Ingrid forgive me but I’m not getting it. :oops: …when you say attach a strand of yarn do you mean I will have two balls of yarn going one on each end?? :thinking:

I don’t understand the rest of the instructions either. I am going to do the K24 sts and bind off 10 sts in the middle then k to end and see if I can get through that tonight. :XX:

What you want to end up with is a shoulder side with it’s own ball of yarn, the cast off stitches in the middle, and a second shoulder side with it’s own ball of yarn.