Shape neck help

I’m working this pattern and have some questions regarding shaping the neck:

[B]Shape Neck:[/B] (RS) Work across to first marker, join second ball of yarn, BO center sts and work across. Working both sides at the same time, work 1 row even, then dec 1 st at each neck edge EOR 2 times, [B]and at the same time[/B], when armholes measure 8 1/2" from beg of armhole shaping, end WS row.

I’m stuck at the part of joining the second ball of yarn and binding off center stitches (there are two). Does this mean that I will be working with double strands? Also, I’m not familiar with working both sides at the same time; can someone clarify what this looks like?

Yes, you’ll have a separate skein attached to each shoulder. There’ll be a space on your needle between the two (the BO neck sts). You can choose to work each side separately but working them tog ensures your shaping will be done at the same time.


Above is needle with each shoulder and green sts are the BO neck.


Yes, you use another end of yarn to work the second shoulder. Work across one shoulder to the bound off sts, drop that yarn pick up the other strand of yarn and finish the `row’. It should look a little like this:


I’m not groking the binding off of the two center stitches…I’ve never bound off in the middle of a row before, and each time I do for this pattern, it doesn’t look right, so I undo it.

In this example, there are two center stitches to be bound off; I’m guessing one goes to one side and the other goes to the other side. Is this correct?

after reading another thread with basically the same questions/answers, I realize I’m stuck on how to actually bind off in the middle of the row.

The same way you do when finishing, except that you have sts left over. Okay, knit across to the first marker, take your other strand of yarn and k 2 sts with it, pull the 1st of those 2 over the 2nd. Knit one more, bind off another st. Knit another, BO another. By now, the sts you knit at the beginning are on the end of the needle, but that’s okay. Keep going until you have the center sts bound off, and do one more. You should have an equal number of sts on each side of the gap. Knit across the rest of the row. Turn and do the WS row, dropping the yarn at the gap, and picking up the other yarn. Turn for the RS row, knit to 2 sts before the gap, k2tog, drop the yarn and pick up the other yarn, ssk or slip 1, k 1, psso and knit the rest of the sts. Repeat decreasing 2 more sts on the next RS row the same way.