Shape neck/armhole

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. (I put my size in red so I didn’t have to type out all the numbers) :wink:

Here’s the Pattern and my question is below.
Shape Neck: Next Row (WS) Bind off [COLOR=“Red”]11[/COLOR] sts, p to end - (22) sts. Bind off [COLOR=“red”]3[/COLOR] sts at neck edge [COLOR=“red”]twice[/COLOR], then [COLOR=“red”]2[/COLOR] sts [COLOR=“red”]3[/COLOR] times - (10) sts. Work even until armhole measures (8)", end on WS. Bind off [COLOR=“red”]4[/COLOR] sts at armhole edge [COLOR=“red”]once[/COLOR]., then [COLOR=“red”]3[/COLOR] sts [COLOR=“red”]twice[/COLOR] for shoulder.

I started with 33 sts on my needles. The WS is my purl row. If I rewrite this row by row is this correct?

  1. Bind off 11 sts. P remaining 22 sts
  2. Turn work and K 22 stitches
  3. Bind off 3 sts. P remaining 19 sts
  4. Turn work and K 19 sts
  5. Bind off 3 sts. P remaining 16 sts
  6. Turn work and K 16 sts
  7. Bind off 2 sts. P remaining 14 sts
  8. Turn work and K 14 sts
    Bind off 2 sts. P remaining 12 sts
  9. Turn work and K 12 sts
    Bind off 2 sts. P remaining 10 sts
  10. Turn work and K 10 sts
  11. P 10
  12. K 10
  13. P 10 (until armhole measures 8")
  14. Bind off 4 sts. K remaining 6 sts
  15. Turn work and P 6 sts
  16. Bind off 3 sts. K remaining 3 sts
  17. Turn work and P 3 sts
  18. Bind off 3 sts.

I thought this was correct but I haven’t finished the last 5 rows and the armhole already measures almost 9"? eek!

This is approximately what the pattern is saying. I think you’ll find that at the ends of the bind off rows you’ll have one fewer sts to purl because you’ll have one st on the right needle leftover from the bind off. The armhole should measure [I]8 inches[/I] at which time you start the bind off for the shoulder. Did you start the neck bind off at the correct measurement? Does the pattern say anything about working the shoulder bind off at the same time that you work the neck shaping? There may also be a difference in your row gauge and that recommended in the pattern but this is perhaps less likely.
What is the pattern name or can you post a link to it?

thanks very much for your reply. The pattern is the Berroco “Nuss” sweater. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a link to the pattern online.

The section of the sweater I am working on is the left front panel. I have completed the back.The pattern does not say anything about “working at the same time” on this section but it did on the back section.

I did find myself with the one st remaining on the right needle - which I might have accommodated incorrectly. I thought I had to have the 22 sts (for example) as the pattern indicates. Would this affect the length?

I am thinking that your question, “did you start the neck bind off at the correct measurement?” might be a good place to start looking.

My gauge seems consistent with the pattern until now.

I learn so much with each new section!

Well part of the fun is certainly learning something new with each project. You should be able to match up the front and back at the armhole decrease and at the beginning of the shoulder. If the front is longer, you should start the neck decreases earlier. It sounds like an inch earlier if you’re at 9inches just before the shoulder bind off.
Good luck with the rest of the pattern. It sounds like you’re interpreting directions and progressing very well indeed.

Thank you so much for your support.
I think it will work out. It will be critical that I duplicate everything I did on the left side on the right side - which I am starting tonight!
In retrospect I wish I had both right and left sections on two sets of needles and worked on each “section” of the panels at the same time. That way I would be doing everything the same all the way up.
I sometimes have trouble remembering all the good stuff I learned when I put the pattern down for bit.
I do LOVE it for sure and feel like I am doing pretty good on such a complex pattern - for me ;’)

Ah yes, doing both fronts at the same time is a great way to work. It’s also a good way to do sleeves. Well you do learn these things as you go along. Keep some notes on the pattern about numbers of rows and you should be fine. You can always line the right front with the left to check placement of decreases. If they’re slightly offset it’ll still be ok. Post a photo if you’d like when you finish!