Shape neck and Shoulder -Help Me


I am working on pattern Schachenmayr # 5950 Ladies Sweater and I am confused with the wording in the pattern which states “mark center 30(34/34) sts, bind off 7(6/7) sts , knit to marked st, join a 2nd ball of yarn and bind off center 30(34/34) sts for neck, then knit to end.” I know I will be working with 2 balls of yarn when I work the the shoulders, what I am confused or need confirmation is whether the 7 stitches that are to be bound off are for the center of the neckline and the 30 sts are for the shoulder


Hi, The center 30( 34,34) sts are the neck sts. I expect you will bind off 7(6,7) shoulder sts then work up to the center sts,join in a new ball of yarn, cast off the center neck sts with the new ball and contiue as your pattern instructs.
Hope this helps, enjoy your knitting


Hi, thank you so much for your time. I understand it clearly now. I Don"t know what gets over me that the numbers confuse me.