Shape front slope


I’m trying to knit a cardigan for the first time, but I am having trouble understanding the following:

“Working all front slope decreases in the same way as back armhole decreases, dec 1 st at end of next and 5 foll 4th rows, then on 0 foll 6th row. 43 sts. Work 3 rows, finishing on a wrong side row.”

Is this to say that I decrease one st at the end of the row, and then I decrease 5 sts at the end of the 4th row?, then no decreasing on the 6th row? And then knit 3 rows?

Thank you for your help!!

Welcome to KH.

Have you already knit the back? I’m guessing that you haven’t or you’d have deciphered it already. Reading knitting gets easier the more you do it.

[I]dec 1 st at end of next [/I]

Work 2 decreases on the next row, 1 at each end.
and 5 foll 4th row[/I]

work 4 rows with no decs then repeat the decrease at each end. Do this a total of 5 times. Count your sts to be sure you have 43. Then you knit 3 rows.

I don’t know how many posts you have to make to post a link, but when you can if you can link to the pattern, that would be great.

Dec on the next row and every 4th row after that, 5 more times. You’ll have a total of 6 dec rows, 3 rows apart.

Thank you for clarifying!

Actually, I did do the back…so much for my deciphering ability. :wink: