Shape front slope on a cardigan

I have a Rowan pattern: Holly. The cardigan has a st st placket and I need to decrease and slope the front on both right and left pieces. The attached pattern directions are not clear to me. Help anyone??
Patt 24 sts, work 2 tog, patt to end. (I did this)
Now it gets confusing:
Working all front slope decreases as set by last row, dec 1 st at front slope edge of 4th and foll 0 alt rows, then on 11 foll 4th rows, then on 1 foll 6th row.
I started with 59 sts and I’m supposed to end up with 45 sts.
I don’t understand???

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These can be confusing directions. If you call the dec row that you just worked, row 1, then dec on row 5 and then rows 9,13,17,21,25,29,33,37,41,45,49. The final dec is on row 55.

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Hello, I’m still confused w this pattern. Am I supposed to decrease the stitch on the sweater edge and not the st st placket?
And then neck border extension part is a mystery… is the neck border extension is part of the placket?
Thank you so much. So grateful for this forum

This is the neck extension part
Thanks again!!

There a several Rowan patterns called Holly. Is it one of these?

This is the Holly pattern by Quail Studio. Oversized Dark green cardigan. No buttons

The decreases are between the front bands (or borders or button bands) and the body of the sweater. This is so you can have a front slope but keep that front band the same size all the way up.

After you bind off for the shoulder, the front band continues for 8cm for the first size. This extension of the band will wrap around to the mid back where it will join with the extension from the other front. It’ll form a continuous collar up the fronts and around the neck.

Hello, I realize you posted this a while ago, but I am knitting the same pattern- Rowan Holly and I have the same question. Where in the row did you end up doing the decreases? I knit two together on stitch 31 as directed but it does not make sense to continue to do this in the middle of the piece. If I do the decrease by the front placket, that makes more sense, but everything has been slightly thrown off by the decrease in the middle of the sweater. Any insights would be appreciated.

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That line of decreases is part of the design of the sweater. You can just about see it in some of the Ravelry projects. The decreases will cut across the rib pattern on either side of the fronts.
Of course, if you prefer you can change the placement of the decreases and move them closer to the front placket. That’s part of the fun of knitting.

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