please help I am doing a Peter Pan P1135 pattern V neck cardigan. When it comes to shape front slope I cant seem to understand what it is I am meant to be doing.

Pattern reads: Next row (right side) Patt to last 7 sts, K2tog,K5… (I understand this)
** Working all front slope decreases as set be last row, dec 1 st at front slope edge on 2nd and following 3 alt rows, then on every following 4th row until 21 sts remain.

(what I don’t understand is the last 6 stitches are the edge of the cardigan but if I decrease 1 of those in the k2 together surely I will lose the edge and when I look at the picture the edging seems to stay throughout) HELP

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It looks like the last 6sts are in garter stitch. Is that correct? If so, you’ll be decreasing one of the pattern stitches and not the border sts as you work the neckline.

Hello yes last 6 sts are garter… so does that mean dec 1 st at front slope does not mean at the end of the row but in the last 7 stitches?

Yes, when you have 7sts remaining on the left needle, knit 2 together, then knit 5. That’ll maintain the 6stitch border while decreasing the pattern sts.

thank you so much