Shape Armholes

I am currently working on a design called Pacific Sonoma Tunic by cascade yarns and am having a few issues, I have never made a jumper before and am really confused at armhole shape. It says bind off 8 st at beg of next two rows, does that mean row 1 I bind off 4 and row 2 I bind off 4?

Row 1 you’ll bind off 8; row 2 you’ll bind off 8 more.

I would agree with Metylda except that i looked at the instructions, before the bind off there are 65 stitches and according to the pattern after the bind off there are 57 stitches remaining

So does that mean I should have a total of 57 left?

Ok i think i got it! You havr 4 stitches with a pm hthen 65 stitches snd 4 more after a pm giving you a total of 73 stitches before thre bind off . If you bind off 8 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows you will end with 57 stitches exactly what the pattern states. I hope this helps.

Being really daft here but am I binding off a total of 16 stitches over 2 rows, 8 on each row? Thanks

Yes Tara sorry i wasn’t explicit . You will bind off 8 stitches on each of the next 2 rows. Sorry!

Brilliant, thank you so much :grinning: