'Shape Armholes' question

OK so I’m up to the shaping part of my cable pattern and I need a clarification please:

  1. Cont until work measures 46cm ending on a wrong side row (done)

  2. Keeping patt correct, cast off 12 sts at beg of next two rows (done) (148 sts).

  3. Dec one st at each end of every row until 138 sts remain, then in every following alt row until 126 remain.

  4. Work 49 rows patt without shaping.

My question relates to 3), does this mean that the decreases all end up on the same side of the fabric?? I assume this is ’ kosher ’ and just knit as directed with blind faith!?!

I’m a dill, ignore my question. of course it’ll be even as two sts are being vanquished at EACH END of said rows.

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