Shape armhole

Hi, knitting newbie here …
I have 77 st on the needle when I start the shape armhole.
Now I need to do the following:

Dec 1 st at armhole edge of next 5 rows, then on foll 11 alt rows and at same time working decreases as set, dec 1 st at front slope edge of next and 1 foll 6th rows, then on 2 foll 8th rows.

57 st
It is from the Rowan pattern Skylark.
What means working decreases as set?

I have been writing down what to do on every row but I dont get to 57 at all :frowning:
Hope somebody can help me out :100:

Maybe this one:

“As set” refers to the placement of the decreases across the row. In earlier rows the pattern must have told you where to place the front slope decreases (for example, one stitch in from the edge, or two sts in or 6sts in).

There are 20 decreases total in the directions you quote so that’ll take you from 77 to 57sts.
If you call the next row, row 1 then you dec at the armhole edge on rows 1,2,3,4 and 5 then rows 7,9,11,13,15 and so on until 11 of these alternate row decreases have been made.
At the front slope, dec on row 1, then row 7 and finally rows 15 and 23.

Thank you so much, your have helped me so much.
Have a lovely day!

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Hi Salmonmac,
Could you maybe recommend me a knitting book that teaches me more about decreases and increases; when to use which decrease/ increase and where to use it if a patterns says decrease X amount of stiches. When to use of left or right leaning etc. I would love to know more about it.
Before this pattern I am knitting now I only knitted from patterns that told me exactly where and what kind of decrease to use.
Thank you

I like “The Knitting Answer Book” in general for how-tos. Otherwise, there are some dependable web sites, Very Pink (Stacy Perry) and the videos on KnittingHelp compare decreases. Roxanne Roberts, Liat Gat, Knit Purl Hunter and undoubtedly others I’m not thinking of are good site.

Maybe the best thing to do is to work a swatch of the different decreases and increases and see which you prefer. You can use right or left leaning as you like. I have my own preferences and I tend to substitute them for the pattern recommendations if possible.

Wonderful, thank you!

I am stuck again :((
Starting with 57 st
Dec 1 st at front slope edge only of 4th and 4 foll 8th rows (52 st)
So do I decrease front slope edge on row 4,12,20,28 and 36??
I find it difficult to understand the instructions, silly me

You’ve got it exactly. It’s a good question because these kind of instructions are often confusing. Now you’ve got it for future patterns too.

You are so helpful, thank you!!

Hi. I found this question/answer while trying to figure out the same directions on the Skylark pattern that Marie2 asked about. (Thanks!). I have an additional question.

Can you please explain:

Dec 1 st at front slope edge of next [3rd: next 3rd: next] and 2 foll 8th rows, etc

I don’t understand “next [3rd: next 3rd: next] “

Can someone help please? Thank you.


That was fortuitous, finding a question on the same pattern.
The directions you’re asking about are for the different sizes. So for the first size, dec 1 st on the next row and the 2 following 8th rows (dec on row 1, 9,17).
For the second size, dec on the 3rd row and then the 2 following 8th rows (dec on row 3, 11, 19).

Ohhhhhhh! I don’t know why I didn’t recognize that as the instructions for different sizes. :smirk:. Now that you’ve said it it is clear. Thank you so much! I was at a total standstill.


Hi Betsy, also had lots of standstill moments in this pattern :upside_down_face:. Knitting it is no problem, but reading a Rowan chart for the first time is difficult, have to do more to get it.
The design is very pretty so thanks to the kind help of Salmonmac we will be wearing it soon!


Marie2, this is a decrease on the purl side isn’t it?


Sorry. That was meant to refer to your 2nd question above (started with 57 stitches).


Hi Betsy, Left front shaping armhole on row 4, 12,20, 28 , 36 are on a knit side.
How far along are you on the pattern.
I have done the back, left front, 1 sleeve and working on the st st part from the right front.

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Yikes! I am so confused. :weary:
How can they be on a right side when they are even numbered rows??? Usually the wrong side.

I have completed the left front and did the front slope decreases as purl two together then purl one before the ribbing. Also completed the back and have just started the right front. This is my first pattern with set in sleeves. I’ve only made a few raglan sweaters. This pattern has definitely been a challenge for me as far as understanding the instructions.
What yarn are you using? I’m using Rowan Moordale in Oxford Blue.


Remember that the right front is the right front as you would wear the sweater. The armhole shaping will likely be at the beginning of a wrong side row or the end of a right side row and the front slope shaping either at the end of a wrong side row or the beginning of a right side row.

Get the spacing correct on the shaping and don’t worry about whether it’s a knit or a purl row. One row off isn’t going to make much difference.

Thank you, Salmonmac. In this pattern, the front slope shaping is about 2/3 of the way across the row before a 25 stitch ribbed edging on the cardigan.

I have completed the left front which is where I did the front slope decreases only, decreasing on the purl sides (row 2, 4, etc.). The prior front slope decreases were done on rows 3, 9, 15, etc. and those were right side rows. That’s why I am confused. But Marie2 was able to decrease on the right side for these rows. Perhaps I should send a snapshot this section of directions?

Thank you for your time and help. I really appreciate it.