Shape armhole in knitting

I’m knitting my first sweater and directions say at beg of row (bind off 2 sets) 6 Times,then (1st) 0 Times (45 sts)
This will only indent one side of back of sweater ~ would this be right? I feel like both sides should be the same.

You probably turn and do the same to the other side at the beginning of the next row.
You can’t bind off at the end of a row or your yarn won’t be connected to live stitches to keep knitting.

Thanks but I’m still confused I’m starting with 57 sts and if i bind off 2 sts 6 times that will equal the 45 sts I’m to end up with. That makes it straight on one side and indented on the other.

Maybe it’s saying to bind off 2 at the beginning of every row 6 times, or 3 rows with 2 bound off on each side, 6 rows total. Since that ends up with the correct stitch count.

Do you have a link to the pattern or a name?

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Thank you ~ you are right it’s bind off 2 at the beg of row 6 times. 6 rows. I appreciate your help