Shape armhole as for back? Help Please

Hello - need some help please. I am working a bolero pattern that tells me to “shape armhole as for back.”

However, there are far fewer stitches on this left front piece than on the back piece, and if I follow the armhole shaping for the back exactly, I will literally run out of stitches - the back piece had 64 stitches at the point shaping began. The front piece has 30.

I’m missing something here :aww: but I can’t figure out what or what adjustments I’m supposed to make.

Thanks everyone!

On the back, you shaped for both armholes at the same time.

For the front, you only decrease at the armhole edge and leave the neck edge alone. So do the decreases with the armhole edge at the beginning of your row.

The shaping is the decreases that take place at the edges of the piece - the beginning and end of the rows. Doesn’t matter how many sts in between.

I think I understand - If I could just make sure :slight_smile:

The shaping for the armholes on the BACK piece read in part - Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 4 rows.

So what I what I want to do for the left front piece is to only bind off at the beg of every other row…

Am I right?

You guys are so awesome being so quick to respond :grphug:

You got it!

Right and you’d only do it on every other row twice, because you’re only doing half the front. When you do the right front, you’ll BO at the beg of the WS rows twice.