Shandeh's Stash Sale

Hi everyone!

I’m selling some of my stash, because there is no way I will ever be able to knit or crochet all this yarn in my lifetime. Ha! :teehee:

I accept Paypal payments. :star:

If you’re a member of Ravelry, you can see it all HERE.

Sending PM.


By any stretch of the imagination, do you still have any skeins of this left? I’m half-way down the 2nd sleeve of a shrug and still need to do the ribbing around the entire thing as well. I ran out <sigh> I’m looking for 2 skeins:knitting:
Marilyn in Maine!

Which one are you looking for?

I sold all of the Simply Soft Shadows a long time ago. Have you checked the stashes on Ravelry?

Caron Simply Soft Shadows Dark Moss

I’ve got a couple of inquiries out on Ravelry…thanks!

Hi, Do you happen to still have any of the Patons Glittallic yarn left you are selling?

Thanks! Tanya

I think so. I’ll check this week.

Thank you for checking for me. I just saw you the Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair. I would also like to know about those as well. Do you have any left?

Oh yeah, I have lots of that left also.
I’ll look through my stash today, and get in touch with you.

I sent you a private message about the yarn I have available

Hi! I am very interested in the bernat sweet stripes- candy stripes if you still have it available. I started a blanket using it and realized now that I am halfway through that I should have bought two packs. I also pm’d you as well. Thank you!:knitting:

Hi there!

Unfortunately, most of the yarn I listed for sale is already gone. This is an old posting in the forum. Good luck finding your yarn!